Film Production

General Liability

This policy intends to protect the policy holder (production company) against allegations of negligence resulting in bodily injury to a third party. A third party is not related to or part of the production operations. Phsyical risks.
This is also known as public liability and is the insurance policy most commonly required to conduct operations. We refer to this insurance line as “slip and fall” coverage. This does NOT in any way insure injuries to those that are part of the production operations or injured while performing an occupation (that is a different topic). General Liability in the world of Production Operations is unique because the coverage considers filming locations in addition to a fixed office location. We access specialty insurers experienced with the unique needs of the Entertainment Industry.

Inland Marine / Production Package

This is a specialized insurance product made up various unique coverages packaged under one policy. The coverages address the unique risks associated with production operations. This policy may have varrying and customizable levels of coverage based on the policy holder’s needs. This insurance product is available from specialty insurers.
Common coverages within this policy are: Equipment Coverage, Props / Sets / Wardrobe, Third Party Property Damage. Extra Expense incurred as a result of Cast unavailability due to illness, injury, death during principal photography. Risk exposure to Cast Coverage Extra Expense increases as daily production costs increase.

Equipment Coverage

The common term is Miscellaneous Equipment and refers to the customary or unique equipment needs of a production. Rented Equipment insurance considers equipment not owned by the policy holder.
This coverage is often mandatory when a production company hires equipment.
The rented equipment limit of insurance should be adequate to cover the total equipment replacement cost value in the production company’s care, custody, control under written agreement(s).

Errors & Omissions / Media Liability

E&O is available in many forms.

Also known as Media Liability an E&O policy will cover the dissemination of content in all forms. Some examples are film, series, film slate, library, distribution, advertising, print, music.

Another form of E&O is Professional Liability. This type of E&O addresses a policy holder’s risk to negligence while performing professional / specialized services for another party under contract. This policy has become a common business to business mandate from large corporations such as Networks and Studios.

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